Life Insurance Q&A

Determining whether to get life insurance can be a difficult decision. I aim to make the decision an easy one, showing you value in a variety of different plans and options. As an experienced life insurance agent, I can answer your questions and make sure you understand your life insurance policy.

Q: How much life insurance should I have?

A: Every situation is different. I evaluate what your goals are, what your debt load is, and potentially what you future needs would be, and then we plan from there.

Q: How much does life insurance cost?

A: Well there are different types of life insurance depending on what suits you best. Generally premiums for life insurance are less than what most people think.

Q: Will I have to take a medical physical to get life insurance?

A: Yes, in most cases you will. The life insurance company needs to assess your health to see whether they will be able offer you life insurance coverage, and also what premium to charge for that coverage. Your health plays a major part in life insurance coverage.

Q: Why should I have life insurance?

A: Protecting your family and their future is one of the top reasons, however there are many reasons why you should have life insurance. Paying off debt, replacing the income of a spouse, and protecting a business or the farm are just a few.

Q: How do I get life insurance, or where do I find life insurance?

A: Talk to an independent life insurance agent like me. I can help you through the whole process of getting life insurance.